Education is the foundation of progress across all industries and all disciplines

The world is changing with technology becoming more manifest in everyone’s lives and that change requires new skills and new knowledge.

Efforts like MOOCs have attempted to democratize the education process, but the scale has not been achieved. While these platforms have demonstrated the capability for large scale distribution of content, what has not been scaled are the elements of teaching we associate with the relationship between the student and the teacher and student to student; things like, hints, feedback and insight on performance on open ended assignments.

Our mission is to close this gap.

our company.

  • Founded in 2016 on the premise that AI holds the power to resolve the tension in education – there is a known ideal but it is not economically viable
  • Notable events –
• Participant in Y Combinator’s 2016 Education cohort
• Winner Ed Tech Start-Up competition run by IE Business School
• Winner EnlightEd at South Summit - Best Start-Up and Best Technology
• Winner Educause Start-Up Pitch competition
  • R&D center is in Israel, run by leaders in AI and ML with backgrounds in bioinformatics and Israeli defense industries. Product, Customer Support and Business Development operations are based in NYC.

the team.




Seth is responsible for strategy, product strategy, and financing at Sense. He has built and sold three companies - most recently Visible World, a developer of viewer-customized television advertising, which was acquired by Comcast in 2015. Among his achievements is the Emmy awarded to the company in 2007 for advances in dynamic customized TV advertising. Prior to founding Visible World, Seth was the CEO of Montage Group, an innovator in non-linear editing, networking video, and tactile feedback, and licensor of technology to leading manufacturers such as Avid and Apple. Montage’s innovative work earned an Academy Award for technological achievement in 1987, and several Emmys. Seth left his position as senior vice president at Comcast to join Sense. He studied Physics and Computer Science at Columbia and is the holder of more than 85 US patents.


Perry Shamir

Director, Product Management

Keren is responsible for bringing Sense products to market. Her responsibilities include outbound marketing, customer engagement, and feeding market insights back to the product development team. Keren has spent over ten years in ad-tech leading teams at TACODA, AOL, Sizmek, Peer 39 and Magnetic, on all stages of product conception, development, and rollout. Prior to her career in New York, Keren served Israel’s top intelligence unit, 8200.

Keren holds a BA from Tel-Aviv University, an MBA from Columbia Business School, and is currently working towards her masters in digital media design for learning at NYU.




Nati leads the company's research and development department, advises management on innovation, and oversees the recruitment of personnel. An expert in machine learning, information theory, and the mining of large datasets, he previously worked at the Davidson Institute for Science Education, where he played an active role in the advancement of scientific literacy in Israel. Nati earned his M.Sc. degree in computational neuroscience from the Weizmann Institute of Science. During his studies, he investigated the synchrony and informational synergy inherent in neural representation in the amygdala and prefrontal cortex.

Mr. Ghatan earned his B.Sc. in Biomedical Sciences at Tel Aviv University where he graduated summa cum laude.



VP Operations

Guy heads the company's operations, finances, customer relations, and quality assurance. Guy specializes in managing complex projects, an experience he gained leading research oriented teams at the nanorobotics and biodesign laboratory at the Institute of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials at Bar-Ilan University. Earlier in his career, Guy was CTO of BizCloud, a business intelligence company. Prior to that, he was a project manager at Bar-Ilan University's Online Learning Center, and has taken part in the development of the university's Learning Management System - Moodle.

Guy earned his B.Sc in biotechnology and M.Sc in nanotechnology from the Institute of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials at Bar-Ilan University. His primary work includes Non-Newtonian Fluid Robot, published in Artificial Life Journal, and Rule-Based Programming of Molecular Robot Swarms for Biomedical Applications, published in the International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence.




Chief Scientist

Lior is responsible for the overall algorithm strategy at Sense. He is an expert in advanced machine learning, data mining and natural language processing technologies. Earlier in his career, Lior was the R&D team leader at Eventus Diagnostics, and worked for several other Israeli and US companies in the development of AI applications, including LBD Cyber Security, Servicefriend and Codega Holdings.

Lior earned a B.Sc. degree in computer science and biology, an M.Sc. in physics, and a Ph.D. in bioinformatics from Bar-Ilan University. During his doctoral studies, Lior developed a new growth model for the Hepatitis C virus.



VP Product Development

Michael is responsible for the overall management, definition, and support of Sense products. His job is to provide users with a great product experience, smooth integration, and provide dedicated project management. Michael has more than 20 years’ experience serving Fortune 100 customers in services and development organizations. Earlier in his career, Michael worked for Amdocs, Parametric Technology Corporation, Career Harmony, and Filtr8. Cross-functional teams under Michael's management have delivered complex technology projects to Microsoft, IBM, Boeing, Caterpillar and Raytheon.

Michael earned his B.Sc. in computer science and mathematics from Bar-Ilan University, and his MBA from the Israeli College of Management.

Nir Singher

Product Manager

Nir is responsible for orienting Sense’s product and team towards educational impact. Nir translates complex educational and business needs into workable solutions, creating a better learning experience for students and enabling TAs and professors to better their courses. Nir engages with our customers to refine the market’s needs, works with R&D to deliver the latest AI solutions, and gives an educational perspective to problem sets and their solutions.

Nir has past experience as a researcher at RAFAEL labs, as a developer at different start-ups and as a cybersecurity software engineer at Trusteer where he worked for 4-years protecting millions of clients of the world’s major banks from fraud.

Nir earned his B.Sc in Computer Science from the Hebrew University’s joint degree program for Outstanding Students where he studied core business administration as well. Nir earned his B.A in Psychology from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya. Nir has studied different fields on his own including philosophy, creativity, sport science, and entrepreneurship; and combines these different fields of knowledge to gain perspective on problems from different disciplines.

Victor J. Marin

Data Scientist

Victor works with the R&D team to continuously improve Sense's pattern recognition capabilities. He specializes in graph theory, machine learning and source code representation.

Victor spent three years at the Computer Science department of the Rochester Institute of Technology investigating approaches to scaling feedback in introductory programming assignments. His work was published in venues such as the IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE) and the ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM).

Victor earned a BSc. in Software Engineering from the University of Seville. During his studies, he devised and deployed custom software for the University used to this day.

Victor is keen on entrepreneurship and was selected by Heineken's Cruzcampo Foundation as part of its business acceleration and networking program.

Rotem Shalev

Algorithm Developer

Rotem works with the R&D team as an Algorithms developer, raising and implementing new and innovative ideas.

She earned her B.Sc. In Computer Science from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

During her studies, she worked as a Security analyst and later on as a Data Science intern at Check Point Software Ltd. In her spare time, Rotem used her knowledge to help others by volunteering in the NGO "QueenB" which aims to increase the number of women in STEM fields. As a mentor in "QueenB", she taught Java classes to middle-school girls.

Ryan Arrison

Junior Programmer

Ryan works with the Product Team and the R&D Team to develop learning tools. He helps clients with implementation and system support.

Ryan earned a B.S. in Industrial and Systems Engineering Degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Ryan was a Head Teaching Assistant for a computer science class. At Georgia Tech, he co-authored the paper “From Clusters to Content”, published at SIGCSE, which investigated how pattern recognition in students’ code could be used to help professors organize and focus their curriculum on changing student needs.

Ryan was also a team manager for the Men’s Basketball team for 3 years while at Georgia Tech. In this role he helped with the day-to-day operations of the team and worked with players and coaches on a daily basis.



Application Engineer

Adam works with the Product team to translate users' needs into stories and testing new initiatives on the Sense Platform. He is also responsible for support and training of all Israel based clients.

Adam brings more than 6 years of experience in Product & Project management in Ad-Tech and Web Analysis industries. As a Project Manager at Gemius, he led the Internet-Rating measurement of Israel and other big projects, and as a Product Manager, he developed features with significant impact on the business.

Adam earned his B.Sc. in Computer Science from The Open University of Israel and graduated with honors.


Tal Botzer



A lecturer of computer science for the past 16 years at Bar-Ilan University, Ronen is an experienced entrepreneur, data science expert, and a sought-after speaker in the field of machine learning. Since 2009, Ronen has led a successful AI consulting and development company. In addition, he is the director of the international program in genomics and biomedical informatics, offered jointly by Bar-Ilan University and the Sheba Medical Center.

Ronen graduated summa cum laude with a double major B.Sc. degree in computer science and biology from Bar-Ilan University, later persuing direct Ph.D. track in artificial intelligence, for which he was awarded the President’s scholarship and the Chancellor's Prize for Excellence in Research. In 2007, Ronen was chosen by the World’s Life Sciences Forum as one of the 100 promising PhDs.